Rodney "Rocket" Nicholl - "Touch down in Dampier"

Rocket moved to Dampier this year with his wife Jaclyn and their two small children.  Even though Rocket’s address finally says 6713 there is no doubt he has been a Dampier man at heart for at least the past 15 years.

Rocket has been a member of the Dampier Sharks Football Club for over 15 years.  In that time, he has played in three Premierships for the Club.  

Once his playing days were behind him, Rocket became a key executive on the Sharks committee.  Over the last ten years he has taken on the roles of Vice President and Treasurer, and is a Life Member of the Club.  Rocket has been Emu’s right-hand man for a decade and has worked hard to maintain the high standards and reputation of the Club in the North Pilbara Football League.

Each year Rocket will get the ‘almost players’ group together, makes sure the canteen is run successfully, rounds up the Club sponsorships and plans pre-season games.  He also cooks a mean burger on game night between getting the boys up and about.

Without Rocket’s commitment to the Dampier Sharks Football Club it would not be the successful, well respected, family friendly, strong community sporting group it is today.

Rocket was nominated by Scott Bourne.