Scott Bourne - "JnrEmu"

Scott and his wife Kirby came to Dampier in 2008 for three weeks and were “hooked“, however it took them a while to get back to their dream destination.  After eight years in Karratha they finally realised their dream, buying their Dampier home in 2015.  Since then their little family has grown to three with the arrival of their son last year.

Scott started his footy career in 2011 and in his own words was “a very ordinary player” but this didn’t deter him from developing a passion for the Dampier Sharks Football Club.  Loving being part of the Club, he offered to help wherever he could, whether it was playing, running water or helping in the canteen.  He even had the opportunity to be goal umpire, although only the once apparently.  Scott reckons his goal umpiring skills are equal to his playing prowess…as Emu never asked him to umpire again!  Not to be deterred, he has been a general committee member since joining the Club and has held the role of Secretary and later Treasurer.

In 2015 Scott decided to join the Dampier Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services, taking on the role of Secretary for the past few years.  He loves being a ‘Vollie’ and feels for him it really ticks every box: socially; learning new skills; passing on those skills; and giving back to the community.  Scott says the best part of being a Dampier ‘Vollie’ is without a doubt “Christmas Day…decorating the trucks, getting dressed up and delivering lollies to children of all ages.”  

Scott was nominated by Tracey Stewart.