It's all about you ..... Dampier's youth - your time for fun!

This year one of the DCA’s focus is engaging the youth of our town. The youth we’re referring to are the 11 - 25 year olds.

One of our committee members, who is passionate about our younger generations, is Kate Burnside. Kate along and a collection of young Dampierites got together with the City’s youth services team, in December and plans and ideas were gathered and played with. The DCA also meet with Anna Savill, Senior Youth Officer, late 2018, where more ideas and plans were established.

With all the information the City has taken on-board, they have produced some very exciting plans for our Dampier youth for 2019.

We now have the pleasure of seeing the start of these plans become a reality. The first in a series of ‘Sunset Sessions - Dampier Outreach’ for our kids is this Friday 22nd Feb at the Dampier Palms, from 5-7pm. Thanks to the City of Karratha!

We really need these sessions to be engaged , enjoyed and supported by our kids. I know first hand how hard it can be to ‘encourage’ the kids to get off their screens and go interact and connect with their peers in real time. Please , please , please encourage, bribe, threaten ( sorry no violence encouraged!) whatever it takes to get them there, they might even have fun…..

Sunset Sessions - Dampier Outreach (002).PNG