Every year since the first Dampier Art Award in 2010, we are amazed and delighted with what our wonderfully talented residents of the City of Karratha produce.

And we’re pretty sure this year will be no different. We are really excited to see the masterpieces the artists produce.

The theme this year, “Red Hot Town” is very close to the DCA’s heart. As part of our 50th celebration in 2018 we commissioned the amazingly talented “Whiskey and Boots” performance company to write a show about Dampier, its people, the place and the community . The show they produced went way above and beyond our expectations. It captured all our hearts and really embodied everything that is special about Dampier and the Pilbara.

So now its our artists turn to interpret “Red Hot Town “ ???? Is it simply the sun, the dirt and the dust? Or is it the passion of the people, the colours of the sunset, the power of the industry, the rich ochre of the rocks, or the boldness of the landscape? We hope our artists will be inspired to portray their vision of life in their Red Hot Town when creating pieces for submission to this Awards category. We will have to wait and see!

Get your paint brushes and creative hands in gear. Entries open 1st of March and close on 15th March.

Opening night, where we get to celebrate the amazing work. is 22nd March and the exhibition will be open to the public after that, to be followed by a special 6-week ‘Winners & Highly Commended’ exhibition at the Community Hub Foyer.

2019 Dampier Art Awards - get ready (002).jpg