Feel Good Friday!!!!!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dampier’s new Police Sergeant Paul World and Senior Constable Andy Johnson.

It’s wonderful to know once again we have the law back on our side of the causeway. Sgt. World’s focus is to keep Dampier as the safe, wonderful community it is already. His stance, which we at the DCA support 100% , is zero tolerance to drugs, drinking driving, speeding and talking on the phone whilst driving.

Sgt. World and Sn Const. Johnson are Dampier Police and therefore will spend most of their time here in Dampier, their office / station is at the Customs building and Dampier residents are welcome to see them there.

The DCA welcomes and is grateful that you Boys in Blue are here to serve and keep our community safe.

Thank you Sgt World and Snr. Const Johnson.