Sarah Board "A true Dampierite"

Sarah is a rare find here in Dampier because this is where she was born and bred.  She has lived in and loved Dampier for the 32 years she has been here.  Now married to husband Josh, also (well almost) a Dampier boy, along with their four small children, she still calls Dampier home.

Even with her very busy life raising her small people, Sarah still finds  a way to put her hand up and volunteer her time.  She joined the Dampier Primary P & C Association two years ago and played an important role in the successful 2018 Fete, as part of the Auction Squad.  She has also been classroom HELP for two classrooms at Dampier Primary School for the past two years.

As well as helping out at the school, Sarah is also to be found lending a hand at various local sporting clubs.  She coached the Dampier Junior Teeball team last year, with the team going on to win the season.  She has been involved with the Falcons Softball for the past year.  Sarah also offers her time for canteen help at Red Dogs Junior Soccer Club.

Sarah was nominated by Jo Leo.