Nic Smith - "Queen of the Kids"

Nic arrived in Dampier in 2017 with her husband Warrick and their two boys.  Immediately embracing Dampier Primary School, she hopped straight off the plane and joined the P&C Association.

In her first year on the P&C committee Nic took on the role of Vice President, she was, and still is, a great support for the current President.  Nic is a passionate schoolteacher with a love of Dampier Primary School, its children and the school community, which is reflected in the hours she volunteers at the school.

Nic has been the driving force behind all P&C fundraising activities over the past couple of years.  From the mammoth 2018 School Fete to Mother’s Day stalls, cake baking stalls, school discos and Easter raffles, Nic has a finger in every P&C pie.

Since 2017, Nic has also been involved with the Dampier ‘Red Dogs’ Junior Soccer Club.  She coached U7’s for two seasons and has stepped in to support the current coach of the U9’s when needed.  She helps in the canteen on game days and is another patient lady who has regularly been seen to enjoy herding cats on a Saturday morning, oops sorry, I mean has umpired the U5’s soccer games.

Nic was nominated by Chris Preece.