Adam Bell - "Vollies’s Big Brother"

Adam has lived in Dampier for nearly 10 years.  Meeting his wife Rachel when they were FIFO workers at the Brockman 2 mine, in his own words, Adam says “She swiftly convinced me to give up FIFO and succumb to the charms of the North West and in particular Dampier.”  Adam immediately fell in love with Dampier “it’s incredible Archipelago & the amazing interior with all its camping and exploring opportunities. I genuinely wish I had grown up here, the freedom and safety that our community offers our kids is very special and worth protecting.”

 Adam’s involvement with the Dampier Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services began eight years ago when his good friends invited him down to the ‘Vollies’ to check it out.  He was hooked straight away and has been there ever since.  In his time there Adam has been Apparatus Officer and Treasurer.  He is the person who introduces himself to new recruits and from day one acts as a mentor.  He has taught a majority of the Brigade how to operate the pump and drive the truck.  It is Adam’s patience, coupled with his good nature, that makes him the big brother of the crew. Adam is the man to have in an emergency, a natural leader who can take charge when lights, sirens, fear and adrenaline are flowing.  

As well as saving lives Adam is a community orientated man who is grateful for the Brigade, which he feels has been great for his “personal development as well as the obvious firefighting skills.”  Along with fundraising work and donating to local causes whenever possible, the DVFRS is a big commitment between training, incidents & community events but Adam says, “its guilt free and a necessary community service, and I love being a part of it”.

Adam was nominated by Scott Bourne.