The coaches and bakers. The money keepers and minute takers.........

This is the best time of the year for us here at the DCA, this is the time we get together as a community and celebrate the people who help make this town the amazing place it is.

The coaches and bakers. The money keepers and minute takers. The constitution writers and the sausage sizzlers. The grounds keepers and the on call bleepers. The long termers and the newbies. Without these individuals there is no clubs, groups, associations or committees.

Now is our time to acknowledge their efforts. To celebrate our successes thanks to their commitment. To thank them for volunteering their time to make our lives a little better.

The DCA has the huge task of looking at all our nominated Dampierites and try and figure out who is the one that is most deserving of the title ‘Dampier Citizen of the Year for 2018’. This year we have had 20 nominated citizens and the truth is really we need 20 awards. So wish us luck.

Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to introduce you to these individuals and give you a little insight into what they are all about.