Definitely feeling the love this Friday.......

This week we put this submission together and it made me so proud of who and want we are, so I really wanted to share with you all.

The DCA has been operating as a community group since 1968 and was incorporated as a not-for-profit association in 1977. We had the joy of celebration our 50 year anniversary last year. We have conservatively estimated this translates to over 50,000.00 volunteer hours. We have had 29 individual Presidents and again conservatively estimated, from our archives, over 500 active committee members over these years.

In 2014, after extensive community engagement, we developed the Dampier Community Plan 2014-2019.  From this plan we established the DCA’s Operational Plan which we have worked tirelessly on for the past five years. We have strived to address, establish, communicate or outsource all the community needs, wants and ideas that have formed the Dampier Community Plan 2014-2019.  Now in 2019 we have the opportunity to revisit the plan, to celebrate our successes over the past five years and more importantly, again with extensive community engagement, create our next five-year plan for Dampier.

The DCA is managed by a committee of 12 volunteer members. the list of our achievements over the recent years is vast and extensive but all of these events and projects could not have been achieved by just 12 people. We are a membership based organisation, with over 350 current members  We consistently work with, and engage the broader community, whether this is a Facebook call out, email to our members, chatting to visitors to our regular Markets stall, or simply asking for help at the school car park, Dampier cafes and restaurants or at the sidelines of a sporting event, our requests are always met with a positive response and an army of volunteers come forth. We are constantly amazed and humbled by our community’s willingness to offer assistance in whatever form they can, from going on a roster to providing in-kind equipment or support. 

We pride ourselves in engaging as much of our demographic as possible. From the very young to our respected seniors, the sporting contingent to our artists, school goers, the workers and the stay at homers. Everyone who makes our community complete. 

We feel we touch a little of bit of not just the Dampier community but also the broader City of Karratha community.

Thank you Dampier, you truly are a red hot town.