I know you have all been waiting with baited breath......

So here it is the Mangy Mutt Dog show categories:

-Owner most like their dog.

-Trend setter ( best dressed).

-Slick Trickster ( best trick )

-Kids best friend ( child and dog couple).

- Mangiest Mutt ( crossbred / rescue dog.).

Lots of spot prizes too during the show for waggiest tail, quickest biscuit catcher, golden oldie, best paw shakers and naughtiest !!! The owner can tell us about the naughty tales not demonstrate them :)

Bone biscuits to all that enter - your human can have one too if they like .

Rock up on the day, this Sat 8th Dec 6pm, Hampton Oval or give us a paws up on rachfox@bigpond.net.au