Last week I didn't even know what a deputation was.......

So a deputation, and I don’t mean to be condescending to those in the know, but as I said all new to me a week ago, is when a person or persons represent a large group of people. Last night I represented the DCA, and therefore Dampier itself, by presenting to the City Council on why funding is so important and necessary for us, as an organisation and as a community. We need to continue to receive City funding so we continue to do what we do best “ to represent and promote the civic and social advancement of Dampier that sustains a quality of life and community pride for all residents. “

The City is currently reviewing their Community Grant Scheme and we at the DCA positively embrace this review and any changes that may follow, but we also needed to put our case forward to highlight what this funding means to us. I have attached the deputation, please take a minute to read and see what we have achieved at the DCA in the past 8 years and see why we need to continue on this strong successful pathway.

DCA deputation to Council 19 Nov 2018_Page_1.jpg
DCA deputation to Council 19 Nov 2018_Page_2.jpg