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Saturday, 24th August 2019



The Dampier Billy Cart Derby was established in 2016 thanks to a brilliant idea inspired by a local family reminiscing about a Billy Cart race they had attended in Ulladulla NSW.  They remembered not only what fun it was, but what a great sense of community and what a wonderful atmosphere it created.  They entered the Marble Bar Billy Cart Race to source ideas and see firsthand how to run such an event.  It wasn’t long before they gathered a group of local enthusiasts who approached the Dampier Community Association (DCA) for assistance with the event.  The Billy Cart Derby aligned perfectly with the community priorities of the Dampier Community Plan 2014-2019, so was wholeheartedly supported by the DCA.  The Billy Cart Derby committee was adopted as a subcommittee of the DCA, who continue to assist with this annual event.

The Derby is well suited to Dampier, celebrating our unique ‘Old School’ style and enhancing our sense of community with a feel good, fun and inclusive event.  The race begins at the start ramp on Church Rd and continues down the hill to the finish line located next to the picturesque Dampier Palms on The Esplanade.  Then it is a hard slog back up the hill to do it all over again - with plenty of friends eager to lend a hand pushing the carts uphill!  This is a great spectator sport, with people coming from far and wide to watch the races, cheer on their favourite cart and just enjoy a day outdoors in the beautiful Pilbara.

While this event has a wide community appeal, it is particularly popular with families. It is a great family activity, encouraging parents and kids (of all ages) to work together to plan, design, develop and build their own billy cart.   


This process also compliments the education department’s technology curriculum and is supported by our local school.  There is always a wide variety of carts constructed from differing materials, from wood to steel and everything in-between with wheels from skateboards up to racing bikes.

Of course there has to be some rules and safety considerations, so please see the Specs and Divisions sheet for more details.  If you would like some info on building the fastest billy cart please read our FAQ’s. The Dampier Billy Cart Derby caters to different age groups, see the Divisions section below for details.  To enter your cart click on a button in the Registration section below.

To see the Dampier Billy Cart Derby in action, watch the ABC Open video of the 2016 event  here and the 2017 event here.

The Dampier Billy Cart Derby is proudly presented by the Billy Cart subcommittee and the Dampier Community Association, a volunteer based not for profit organisation.  All entry fees and sponsorship money will be used to cover event costs, with any income derived used solely towards furthering the objectives of the Association by being put back into the Dampier community.  The City of Karratha is our major event sponsor.  If your business is keen to assist with this event financially, in-kind or by otherwise becoming involved, please contact the DCA via our online enquiry form - we would love to hear from you.




(Child 7 & under)

What a great way for Mum or Dad to relive their childhood while showing your children how much fun can be had away from technology!!  This is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your children designing, building and racing a billycart for two, ie: pink Barbie car with a unicorn bonnet or a jet propelled flying saucer car.


(6 to 9 years)

A great category for those budding engineers, carpenters, fabricators, physicists and of course daredevils 6 to 9 years old to get out on the track and have a go.  This age group is usually full of confidence and has no fear. 


(10 TO 15 years)

Now we are getting into some serious construction.  This is the age group that are inquisitive about how things work and love to pull things apart to see how they work, often leaving your best tools out in the elements, or your tools may simply disappear.


(16 years & over)

Now we mix it up and expect this will be the day’s most competitive division and will produce not only fast billy carts but also some great looking and unique vehicles.  All those that love to tinker in the shed will be busy sketching down ideas over a few lemonades whilst working out the wind velocity and skin friction relative to the speed.


Registrations for the 2019 Dampier Billy Cart Derby have now closed.